Who’s Ready For Ella Mai?

Ella Mai, DJ Mustard’s new British artist, took the music industry by storm last year. Now, she’s back with her third EP, appropriately titled Ready. DJ Mustard produced the entire EP. However, Ella Mai doesn’t let his stellar beats outshine her for one minute. She starts off strong with the lighthearted love song, “Boo’d Up”. The track has a hard, R&B influenced knock that may remind you of Keith Sweat’s classic “Make It Last Forever”. She showcases her sexy low growl on the seductive “Breakfast In Bed”. Her melodies flow effortlessly as she pleads her case for a lover she’s infatuated with. So, she just wants to give him breakfast in bed. This song is a surefire contender for a hit single. 

Hopefully Ella Mai releases a full length debut album soon. Her EP Ready will at least satisfy our appetite in the meantime.  “Nobody Else” will definitely keep people moving on the dance floor. Part of Ella Mai’s appeal is that she can play pretty bad girl and beautiful songstress all in the same breath. She’s the jealous girl here, over a guy that she’s technically not in a relationship with. Hey, we’ve all been there before though. She isn’t one to compromise her needs and desires, as evident on the chin check anthem “My Way”. 

“Makes Me Wonder” has all the makings of a summer love mid tempo jam. “Anymore” is just the opposite. She’s dismissing a love let down with the quickness. She doesn’t seem to be too sad about it either. Make sure you catch Ella Mae opening for Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage tour at a city near you. 

Here’s a look back at one of Ella Mai’s first songs, “She Don’t” featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

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