Whistle & A White Cranberry Mimosa

I had a taste for some really good chicken and waffles this weekend. So, I searched my mental Rolodex (maybe I’m telling my age a bit there) of good places in Dallas that served it. Whistle Britches is the place I decided to go. I had only been there once before, but they have a jalapeno syrup that goes with their chicken and waffles. Let’s just say it’s pretty amazing. I went there with one of my friends. We decided to try their mimosas. Then, something on the menu caught my eye. The White Cranberry Mimosa. 

I asked the waiter what was in the drink. He proceeded to tell me that it included white cranberry juice, vodka and fresh fruit. It was a done deal. I had a feeling that this drink would not let me down. The White Cranberry Mimosa proved to live up to its hype. Also, I noticed several other people around us were drinking it too. After just a few sips, I could see why. The drink had a cool, refreshing bite. However, it came with a smooth aftertaste. Although it tasted great in 30 degree weather, I could definitely see it being a must have drink for a summer brunch. So, needless to say, I had a great meal and a great drink too. 

Stop by Whistle Britches and try out their unique twist on the classic mimosa. I suggest getting there early. They open at 10:00 on the weekend (11:00 am during the week), but they fill up quickly. Cheers and bottoms up to one of the best mimosas I’ve ever had. You will thank me for the recommendation. It’s Thirsty Thursday.

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