Welcome To Big Boi’s Boomiverse

A piece of Outkast is better than none at all. We thought a new album was coming after Big Boi and Andre 3000’s 2014 Coachella show. Andre 3000 offered a stellar verse on Erykah Badu’s “Hello”, lifted from her But You Can’t Use My Phone mixtape. However, we should thank Big Boi for all those times he talked Andre 3000 off the ledge of not recording another OutKast album. In fact, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below was originally supposed to just be Big Boi’s solo album. Andre 3000 added in his music right before the record label’s deadline. 

Fast forward to 2017. Boomiverse is Big Boi’s third solo album. The self proclaimed business half of OutKast is obviously not resting on his laurels. Songs like the repeat worthy “Kill Jill” featuring Killer Mike and Jeezy prove he still has some stellar hits left in his repertoire. The 45 minute, 12 song set finds Big Boi reunited with Organized Noize (OutKast’s longtime production team). He also makes room for some unlikely collaborations, such Adam Levine on the infectious single, “Mic Jack”. The song also features appearances from Scar and Sleepy Brown. 

Big Boi proves he’s still close to his southern roots on syrupy, molasses boogie “In The South”, featuring Gucci Mane and the late Pimp C. Big Boi gives supreme ATLiens flavor on songs like “Order of Operations” and the Snoop Dogg assisted “Get Wit It”. However, “All Night” is void of any features and is hands down one of the catchiest songs on Boomiverse. He even tries his hand at house music on the comical and dance-able “Chocolate” featuring Troze. “Freakanomics” would make funk legend Bootsy Collins proud. The album’s closer “Follow Deez” is a low rider bouncetastic offering, that features memorable verses from Killer Mike and Curren$Y. 

Big Boi seems more focused and streamlined this time around. His first two solo albums are definitely worthy listens. However, they lacked a common thread or direction. Boomiverse has more of a solid conceptual presence. Big Boi is one of Hip Hop’s pioneers who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Let’s just hope we can at least get a new OutKast song before the end of 2017. 


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