T.I.’s New Album Gets Pushed Back


T.I. has released several batches of new music over the last year. His EP Da Nic was dubbed to be the precursor for his upcoming album, The Dime Trap. Also, he released a new single “Dope”, with Marsha Ambrosius. That song sampled Aaliyah’s last major hit, “Rock the Boat”. He chose to go by the name TIP (his original stage name) instead of his pop moniker, T.I. He gave a heads up to fans that his new music would be getting back to his original roots. The hip hop superstar kept his word this past weekend, with the release of his new single “We Will Not”.

“We Will Not” was released exclusively on Tidal this past Friday, August 19th. T.I. (or should I say TIP) raps through the entire song with no chorus. However, “We Will Not” is arguably the most poignant track we’ve heard from him in recent years. He’s cleverly deliberate and aggressive on this track. The song speaks of taking a stand against injustice, specifically in the African American community. He definitely has some thought provoking lyrics here.

He tweeted about the song as soon as it was released, including the hashtag #UsorElse. Us or Else is an upcoming EP that T.I. plans on releasing. “We Will Not” is the first single from that project. What will happen with The Dime Trap now? Will any of his recent songs make the final cut? Only time will tell if that album actually sees the light of day. However, he’s definitely keeping us thoroughly entertained with his new music in the meantime. More importantly, he’s releasing music with substance and not just another pop hit.

What are your thoughts on “We Will Not”?

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