Stokley Rises To New Level On Solo Single

Mint Condition was one of my favorite groups of the 90s. Who can forget some of their biggest hits like “Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes),” “What Kind Of Man Would I Be?”, and “U Send Me Swingin”? Front man Stokley has an unmistakable voice that was a large part of the group’s appeal. It has been 5 years since the group’s last original studio release, Music @ The Speed Of Life. Now Stokley has returned as a solo artist. The move seemed a little oft put at first, considering Mint Conditions impressive run for nearly 30 years. The music business is much more fickle than their hey day. Would die hard fans be open to hearing from solo music from Stokley after so long? Would the generational gap be too wide for him to really find his proper space?

Stokley slams the naysayers in his new single, “Level”. The track sounds like that feel good, vintage Mint Condition sound. Plus, his vocals are as crisp and distinct as ever. I must say I was pleasantly surprised after hearing this track. The idea of a long awaited solo album from him seems just as viable now as it was in the 90s. The song speaks about him finding a woman who is his equal and on the same level as him. Thank goodness he did not fall into the trap of trying to sound trendy. Mint Condition (and subsequently Stokley) has always been in an elite class. So, it would be a shame to see Stokley flush all of those innovative years down the drain.

Expect to hear some big noise from him this summer. “Level” is a solid R&B offering that makes you reminisce on the days when music actually had more to offer than a dance-able track. This is soul music. This is what music is missing right now.

Plus, check out Stokely’s debut album, Introducing Stokley, available now on all digital retailers.

Hear “Level” for yourself below. What are your thoughts on the new single?

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