The ‘Sting’ Is Coming In 7 Days

I have always loved poetry for as long as I can remember. The emotion, the voice inflections through spoken word, the word play. All of it is so intriguing to me, especially when you hear or see different poets in action. However, people have to live poetry in order to write about it. My new book, Stingrays, has been nearly 2 years in the making. Within that time frame, I either dealt with and/or experienced those around going through racism, sexism, injustice, self esteem issues, depression and the loss of a loved one. 

For these reasons and many more, several poems started flowing freely from my mind. The next thing I knew, I had over a hundred. Now, the official release of Stingrays is only 7 days away! I wanted everything about this book to be different from my previous works. The major element is releasing it as an ebook. Although I did offer print copies through a successful Kickstarter at the end of last year, Stingrays will primarily be available in the digital space. There is definitely something for everyone in this book. There is at least one situation (if not many) that we all have experienced in some way.

People always ask me if I ever wanted to release an ebook of poetry. I did with Honesty Box a couple of years ago, but that was more of a compilation between my first 3 books, plus some new poems.  This time,  I decided to make an ebook with all of the original poems for Stingrays! Make sure you get your copy on iBook, Kindle, Amazon or any digital retailer of your choice on February 4th (my birthday)! If for nothing else, it will make a great birthday present for the author : ) Here is one of the poems that will be featured in the book. This one is called “Permission”. 


Bomp bomp bomp bomp 

It can’t be morning already 

Look at my phone to find

I’m late already 

Ease out of the bed slow and steady

For a brief moment of meditation 

Without hesitation I scroll through 

Notifications, posts and emails 

That immediately remind me 

I just may not be tall enough

My shoulders might be a couple inches shy 

of being broad enough 

My pockets aren’t deep enough and 

Dare I say it, my popularity index indicates 

I may not be worth enough

That’s tough

This trough of wading 

For the approval of society 

Is getting sloshy 

Subservient to live beneath 

My unalienable rights 

This is my land, but I have to ask 

For refuge to get rest at night

Hoping I won’t be refused this time 

Please, may I and thank you 

Might just be polite 

The water has risen to my chest

Now it salutes me at my eyes

I don’t advise I still need your permission

to stay afloat 

Do I?

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