Sting Alert: Two Week Notice


So, exactly why are you doing this? What is the benefit? How does it work? 

These are just a few questions I’ve received since launching my Kickstarter. Many of you likely know by now about my new poetry book, Stingrays. Last year I did a Kickstarter for my first novel, Fortune Cookie. The campaign ended up being a huge success, thanks to the amazing backers who supported it. I think it’s safe to say that poetry is a harder market to tap into though. Everyone loves to read about sex, lies and dark secrets. However, poetry tends to get a bad rap for not being as sexy. Hopefully I have helped change that with all of my poetry books, especially Stingrays

I don’t believe anyone can ever write the perfect poem. People have different tastes and opinions on what is great poetry. Nonetheless, I always desire that my poetry is relatable to others. While I was writing Stingrays, many feelings poured from my head to the paper. 2016 definitely had its share of “stinging” moments for me, as I’m sure it did for you as well. In fact, our society has experienced several “stings” including social injustice, senseless violence and negative social media impacts (we often overlook this one). 

Stingrays is only being released as an ebook on my birthday, February 4, 2017. I decided it would be a cool idea to still offer print copies as well. This is where the Kickstarter comes into play. So, here are 5 quick reasons why I chose to do a Kickstarter for Stingrays. Oh and by the way, today marks 2 weeks left to get your copies! 

  1. Innovation – Let’s face it. The traditional way of selling books is virtually out the door for most authors. Why not shake things up a bit?
  2. Exclusivity – When I purchase a book or a CD, I always love getting those extra perks like the making of it, T-shirts and special items.
  3. Minimally Evasive – Ok, you may be scratching your head on this one. I also have a new novel coming out next year in July. So instead of having 2 separate book signings, the Kickstarter seemed like the better idea. 
  4. Global reach – Everyone all over the world uses Kickstarter. It’s a fast way to get visibility for your products in other countries that may take a long time to reach on your own. 
  5. Convenient/Cost Effective – The pledges are not charged on your card unless the project is fully funded on its end date. Plus, how cool is it to just sit at home and collect some awesome rewards. Think of it as an Amazon order, but way better. 

Again, only two weeks are left. I appreciate everyone who has already supported and those who still will! Check it out and feel the sting with me HERE


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