Seven Days Until ‘Commissioned To Love’

The time is almost here! Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that I am about to release my seventh book. Commissioned To Love didn’t start out like my previous books. As the title suggests, I was literally commissioned to do a book project for someone. The commissioned part actually fell through. So did the project. I was left with an unfinished collection of poems that would likely never seen the light of day. That’s when it hit me. Women are exploited and objectified in media and entertainment. There should be a separation between real life and fantasy. However, there is something to be said for a real woman. 

The concept of Commissioned To Love is to celebrate all of the mothers, wives, sisters and educators who set great examples of womanhood. These are the types of women who often go unnoticed. They are underappreciated; until now. The poems within the book are created to uplift women. Women should hold themselves in high esteem for their beauty, loving hearts and selfless sacrifices. Here’s a sample of what you can expect in Commissioned To Love. The pre-sale is going on now, until the official release date on Valentine’s Day. Get your copy today! 


I can feel this opposing force

Restricting my wings

Preparing me to make my debut

Into this outside world

And when I break free

They will all marvel in awe

And wonder of my marvelous

Intoxicating beauty

My back will be speckled

With the most vibrant colors

That have yet to be seen

I won’t be contained

They will all bear witness

Of how I have traveled

Through the fire, unscathed

Unashamed of my testimony

Because my complicated tapestry

Tells my story more descriptively

Than any audible

Words ever could

You can find me floating

In the air

Just over your shoulders

Sit up, take notice and

Behold such a glorious creation

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