RoseGold And Her Slick, Audible Melodies

RoseGold is an amazing singer and songwriter who hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Now she lives in Los Angeles, California. Her music is sultry, honest and unique. She was featured on Terrace Martin’s Grammy nominated album, Velvet Portraits (“Think Of You”). Plus, she has even written some songs from TLC’s upcoming new album. We talked about everything from being creative and heartfelt Aquarians (her birthday is February 6th), being unapologetic, how she got her name and her experience with TLC. Check out a piece of our interview below. Hear her music at

Two of your songs are my favorites (though I love all your music). What are the background stories to “My Apology” and “Dayvon (Guns and Roses)”?

Thank you. Well, “Dayvon (Guns and Roses)” is about an experience with one of my best friends who is no longer with us. But he was my first boyfriend.  I wrote about our behavior and activity. He was trying to learn how to be a man. So, I was trying to support that, but like a little girl. I remember not wanting him to go to jail. I didn’t want to go to jail.

Just hoping if something was to happen, we would be able to help each other out. I’m not going to go into the exact story, but it was about me being there for him. Him being there for me. Honestly, that’s everybody’s low key fear – going to jail. It was an interesting time to put that record out because everybody seemed to be getting harassed more by the police. It’s an emotional record that can touch a lot of different people.

“My Apology” is an extremely sensitive record for me because I was apologizing for being myself. That’s something you shouldn’t do (apologize for being yourself). But I figured making a record about it would help me get through it. Creating that record helped me to accept myself a lot more. The line that really speaks to me from the whole song is “Sorry baby for being so uncool/I’m too wild and know I ain’t no good for you/That’s my style/It’s just my kind of blues”. But “My Apology” means a lot to me.  I was apologizing for how that individual saw me. I was dating a guy who used to say, “You’re just too wild”. A lot of people say that to me, but when they’re being wild, it’s not wild to them.

I think a lot of times too, people will get you to think that if you act a certain way, that’s the right thing to do. Basically, it just makes them feel more secure if they can dictate how you act.

Yeah, one thing I told one of my best friends today was I understand that you can doubt yourself, because other people doubt you. I can understand other people doubting me, because I’ve doubted myself. If you don’t believe in yourself and feel comfortable with what you’re doing, then other people will find room to doubt you as well. I care about people’s feelings. I am unapologetic too though. When you’re on an airplane and the airplane is going down, before your children, your husband, anybody else you have in your life, you have to put your mask on first. You matter the most. You have to save yourself first. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, then nobody will f#&k with you period.

You remade Sade’s “Smooth Operator”. I do think there are some songs that are classic and don’t need to be touched. But, when I heard your version, I thought, “Damn, this is right there with Sade or maybe even a little better”. Who are your musical influences who made you want to get out there and sing?

Well, I feel that way about that record too. I’m just going to keep it 100 percent with you. I remember my publisher saying they owned the rights to a few of Sade’s records. “Smooth Operator” was in there. I never dreamed of doing that song over. Sade is perfect. I really enjoy that record though because I relate to every word. Me, Quinton and Ryan produced the record.

They have a group called New Hampshire and we were all sitting together. The group started playing the record and they were beach players. They were found on the beach. Their style is their style but it’s inspired by the water. When I heard the song, I just wanted to hone in on that. How would I sing this record if it were my actual story? Everybody was acting like it was so dope. At first, I was so scared. That record is a piece of me being on European tours and being able to be on Grammy nominated albums.

Listen to RoseGold’s music here:

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Hear a sample of RoseGold’s song “Sunny” that she co-wrote with T-Boz and Ron Fair for the new TLC album below.

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