P!nk: Trauma Never Felt So Good


Pink has always had a knack for conveying heartbreak through song in a way that resonates with her audience. She can be quirky and witty (“So What” and “You Make Me Sick”) or seriously gritty (“The Great Escape” and “Just Like A Pill”). Although it’s hard to believe all of these sad love songs pertain to her own love life, they sound no less authentic. Her latest album, Beautiful Trauma, was released on October 13th (Friday the 13th). There’s no bad luck here though. The title track kicks things off on a high note, with house music infused sounds. She acknowledges that this love is a drug she can’t shake. 

Eminem joins the party on the clever, pop tinged “Revenge”. The pair mesh so well together that hopefully there’s a collaborative album in the works. The song speaks of the familiar feeling of wanting to get back at an ex. The cluster of songs that follow have a more adult contemporary sound. Don’t fret. This is still Pink we’re talking about here. Her feisty attitude is still in full effect. “Whatever You Want” captures this essence with explicit verses (“Running like a dog/Feeling like I bitch too much”) coupled with a gentle chorus (“I feel like our ship’s going down tonight/But it’s always darkest before the light”). 

The lead single, “What About Us” isn’t as gutsy or brass as the ones from her previous albums. Nonetheless, the song has universal appeal. She questions the notion of a happy ever after. The song can easily be applied to a romantic relationship, friendship or the struggles of life. “But We Lost It” is tender ballad and one of the stand out tracks. She bluntly admits, “We had a thing, but we lost it”. Her voice is smooth here, with less of her signature raspy tone. This one definitely has hit single potential written all over it. 

Pink reminisces to a time when things were carefree on the nostalgic gem, “Barbies”. “Secrets” gives off a Madonna vibe, circa the late 80s. She never gets close to revealing what her secret is but guarantees that it will be hard to swallow. The two standout tracks from Beautiful Trauma are “Better Life” and “You Get My Love”. The entire album is a masterpiece. These songs put the nail in the coffin. The former, “Better Life” is an upbeat, piano driven song. The lyrics defy the production. Pink admits that she’s been watching her lover while he’s sleep at night, wondering if he’s been pining after a different life. “You Get My Love” starts off bluesy and calm. Then, she yells during the chorus to really drive her point home. It’s the perfect bone chiller to another cleverly crafted, heartfelt Pink album.

Once again, she proves she’s still got it. Plus, she still has a few musical tricks up her sleeve. Catch Pink on her Beautiful Trauma World Tour next year.


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