The New Fiction Act Is ‘Everywhere’

“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”. This is a famous quote from former Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown. Ironically, this is also how the UK alternative Rock group, Everywhere, got their name. The band was formed in 2012, spearheaded by lead singer Max Berga. Now, the group has returned with their sophomore EP, Fiction Act. At first listen, Everywhere may remind you of groups like One Republic or U2. However, they definitely prove they have their own flare and style. 

“Shades At Night” kicks off the EP on a high note. The song details a woman who hides her true feelings behind shades. The song has clever lyrical content that depicts heartbreak nearing its trenches (“You wear your shades at night. You cannot see how hard I fall. I clench my fist so tight. Try to burst through your brick wall”). Please remove this woman’s shades immediately. “Heroine” follows in a similar vein where the group describes being intoxicated by love. The production is slick, delectable pop at its best without coming across too sugary. There are just enough elements of rock here to roughen up the smooth edges and pristine vocals. 

“Some Other Dude” is a comical showstopper that instantly sounds like a surefire hit. The song is also Fiction Act‘s first single. This track serves as a rhythmic pep talk for the guy who waits too long to dance with the hot chick on the dance floor. Well, she eventually moves on and dances with “some other dude”. “Let It Go” is the hypnotic ballad that closes out the EP. Everywhere is a group that has mass appeal, witty lyrics and smooth production. Isn’t that all we ever ask for in good music anyway? 

Get Fiction Act on iTunes today. 

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