MangoSix Kiwi Mint Delight

I decided to lay low with the Thirsty Thursday posts until I found a drink that was really worth talking about. However, I went to a new place called MangoSix Cafe last week with my wife. MangoSix has a pretty interesting concept. They serve desserts, coffee, smoothies made with fresh fruit, cold pressed juices and specialty drinks. I was honestly overwhelmed by the wide array of menu choices. The ambiance of MangoSix has a warm, modern feel that is reminiscent of Starbucks. Their approach has a slightly younger feel though. 

After heavy debating, I decided to try the Kiwi Mojito. Everyone who has followed my Thirsty Thursday posts knows I love a good mojito. These are non alcoholic versions, of course. Ironically, this mojito is one of the best ones I have ever had. I will warn you though, the mint taste is pretty strong. This drink would taste great anytime, but I imagine it being particularly refreshing in the summer months. There’s a hint of sparkling water to give the drink a bit of a fizz. Plus, there are chunks of fresh kiwi throughout the drink. The kiwi adds a naturally spicy flavor which pairs surprisingly well with the mojito taste.

I will definitely be back to MangoSix. Their service, along with their kiwi mojito, is superb. Sadly, mainly establishments tend to forget that bad service can ruin a dining experience. This is definitely not an issue at MangoSix. Their new location is in Carrollton, TX. However, they have locations worldwide. Their business originated in Japan and recently pegged Los Angeles, CA as their break into the US market. Now the greater Dallas area is getting a taste of this unique restaurant. If you’re looking for a hot, premium cup of coffee or healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth, MangoSix is the place to be. 

Bottoms up….it’s Thirsty Thursday!

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