Let’s All Just Be Honest


People were walking on egg shells yesterday. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. I noticed how people were very careful to state their opinions of the election results. However, everyone tried to be diplomatic. However, social media showed people’s true colors. I saw posts and captions that were bold, very opinionated and at times, downright disrespectful. Anonymity is king. People feel more comfortable to express their beliefs in a tweet, Instagram post or Facebook status. I guess honesty has become extinct. We can’t call ourselves “honest” people if we act differently on social media than we do in person.

A couple of years ago, I released a poetry book called Honesty Box. The concept of the book was actually inspired by some comments that an unidentified “friend” said about me on social media. Ironically, to this day, I still don’t know who that person is. Nonetheless, everything happens for a reason. The message that was sent to me inspired me to write. Social media breeding ground for cowards. So, this poem below, taken from Honesty Box, sums up how I feel. Head on over to the Book Store to get your copy of Honesty Box, along with 6 other amazing reads.

Plus, check back on tomorrow for a big announcement that will pack a dangerous “sting”! Trust me, you really don’t want to miss out on this one.


So you’ve finally got balls

What took you so long?

Stepping out of your deceptive shadows

With your shameful cloak in tow

Sweeping the floor

I should applaud you for being so brave

But I won’t

My hands wouldn’t dare

Kill the beautiful space

Betwixt them…on….you

As a matter of fact

I’ll scrap the last few lines

That began to trickle down

From thought to pen

To fingers to paper

All in the name of

An anonymous hater

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