Island Bound With A Crown

Memphis is known for their barbecue. I visited there last weekend for a book festival. My friends and I tried a barbecue spot called Jim ‘N Nick’s while we were in town. The food was so good that we actually came back twice. I’ actually don’t like barbecue that much. When I say a barbecue place is good, it’s really good.
However, I won’t talk about the food I ate there. Since it’s Thursday, I decided to recap two drinks I tasted. Today’s Thirsty Thursday double feature spotlights two great drinks from this delicious Memphis eatery.
Crowning Achievement
Imagine a Cosmo (traditionally made with cranberry juice, triple sec, vodka and lime juice) with an extra kick. Jim ‘N Nick’s makes theirs with Crown Royal instead of vodka. The end result (which includes a cherry) is simply amazing. There is a disclaimer though. This drink packs a much heavier punch than the Cosmo you’re used to. I’m not a lightweight, but I did feel a slight buzz by the time I finished the drink.
Island Bound
When you feel like you really need a tropical getaway, this should be your drink of choice. Cruzan Rum is the headliner here, with a flavor that’s similar to a traditional Mai Tai. The drink has a sweet, tart and citrus taste that meshes together well. The rum comes in and smoothes everything out at the end.
Jim N Nick’s has a $5 featured drink for every day of the week. These two drinks are right on time for the weekend. The Crowning Achievement is offered on Friday and the Island Bound is offered on Saturday.
You should definitely try out Jim N Nick’s the next time you are in Memphis (or any of their other locations). They have great food, great service and of course, great drinks.
Bottoms up. It’s Thirsty Thursday. Cheers to the upcoming weekend, with a Crowning Achievement and an Island Bound destination.

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