Let Me Introduce You To My Ugly


Today started out as a normal day. I got a really good run in. The weather was cool, with a nice breeze. I went to the gym afterwards to change for work. That’s when it all made an abrupt turn. I started talking to one of the regulars at the gym and he mentioned the clowns. In case you weren’t aware, there have been several groups of clowns in different states taunting people and creating signs that read, Clowns Lives Matter. I know, pretty crazy. The guy at the gym works in the security field. He mentioned how all of the clown nonsense has really made his job more difficult in the last few days.

Of course, there’s always a bystander that feels the need to chime in. Another guy that I’ve never seen before says, “Yeah, Clowns Lives Matter. Crazy huh?” with a hearty laugh. I stared back at him and said,  “Oh that’s funny to you?” The locker room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop….on the carpet. I usually don’t engage in political or religious talk with some people. This situation was a prime example (and confirmation) of why I don’t.

The past few months have really brought out the ugliness in so many people. Racism or injustice of any kind shouldn’t be something we take lightly. Honestly, anyone can be a target at any minute. Sadly, some people don’t get it until something catastrophic happens to them or someone they know. The recent police shootings and even the Presidential election have brought out the true colors in some people. People will have their own opinions. I get that and respect it. Just don’t force your negative opinions down people’s throats in conversation or social media. If you don’t have anything intelligent to add to the dialogue, just shut the hell up.

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