Emeli Sande: Her Sensual ‘Garden’


I have waited for this moment for quite some time. Emeli Sande has made an impressive name for herself in a short time. However, her debut album, In Our Own Words, was a stellar effort. Plus, she has written hits for top notch acts like Mary J Blige and Alicia Keys. Now, she’s back at center stage to command our attention with her mesmerizing voice.

“Garden” is the first single from her upcoming sophomore effort. The song features Jay Electronica and Aine Zion. The song actually took two years to complete. Aine Zion’s poignant poetry was added first. Jay Electronica’s jagged, forceful rap wasn’t added until the next Summer. “Garden” is a seductive, slick and ironically rough sound that’s different for Emeli Sande.

Nonetheless, Emeli Sande gives just enough edge to satiate the ever changing pallet of music consumers. She still stays true to the core of her sound though. The British singer states that her new album will be very raw and honest. Her first album seemed pretty honest to me, but I assume she will go even further now. Emeli Sande has the kind of voice and songwriting ability that will give you chills. Get Long Live the Angels everywhere on November 11th. I make my prediction now that it will be one of the biggest releases of the year.

So, what are your thoughts on “Garden”? Would you say “Bump It” or “Dump It”?

Hear the song for yourself below. Also, check out some of Emeli Sande’s shining moments.

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