Elle Varner: A Long Overdue 4 Letter Word

Elle Varner has left fans pining for a refill since her solid Perfectly Imperfect debut album dropped in 2012. That was four years ago. She has released some hot like fire singles in the interim. However, the absence of a new Elle Varner album has left some supporters with some four letter words. Oh, yes that album. A couple of years ago, Elle Varner quietly teased tracks from her upcoming sophomore album, 4 Letter Word. The intrigue of her appeal lies in her model looks and around the way girl attitude. Songs like “Cold Case”, “F$%k It All” and “Where Your Man Is” are all clever, witty masterpieces. Nonetheless, the album has still not been released.

I’m not sure who should be held accountable here. Perhaps it’s Elle herself trying to perfect her sound and concept. Maybe the record label is dragging its feet. The recent songs Elle Varner showcased found her more aware of her gift. She was deliberately sexier this time and so….well, angry. She gave a glimpse of some Left Eye burning down the house tendencies this time around. I was here for every blazing minute of it. She clearly had some pent up aggression to let loose. Still, with all of this fury, there was no new album.

Just when the sting had subsided, she resurfaced a couple of weeks ago for a special “One Night Only” performance. The show featured surprise guests Maxwell and Ro James. However, no one was able to steal Elle Varner’s well deserved shine. Now we just need a surprise release of 4 Letter Word. Love. Lies. Loss. Hate. Lust. #@%^. You name it, Elle Varner needs to hurry up and deliver this CD quickly. I have full confidence it will dodge anyone’s skepticism (unlike Frank Ocean’s disappointing Blonde let down).

Check out part of Elle Varner’s December performance below. Also, here are some of the stellar singles she has dropped over the last couple of years. Surely, she won’t leave us hanging and unleash another album (preferably 4 Letter Word) soon.

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