Cookie’s Frightening Dilemma

I released my first novel, Fortune Cookie, last November. Now, the follow up is completed and is currently going through the editing process. Fortune Cookie is the first book in a three part series. The second installment is even more suspenseful than the first. NCITM (I’ll reveal what that stands for later) comes out next year; but you don’t want to be left behind. So, here’s an excerpt of Fortune Cookie below. Cookie thinks that the her streak of bad fortune is over, but in fact it’s just beginning.

Cookie smiled and told her dad that she loved him as she hung up the phone. Although she did believe Chelsea would call back soon, she had to admit she wasn’t so secure in that. Something felt eerily strange this time. Something was different. She immediately prayed for her sister and asked God for her protection wherever she was and whatever she was doing.

Her phone rang almost immediately after finishing her prayer. She was halfway expecting for it to be Sheila. They hadn’t really talked since her embarrassing outburst at the massage parlor and she did promise her that she would call to let her know how the meeting with Tina went. However, to her surprise, it was Chelsea. Cookie was so excited to see her sister calling that she almost dropped her phone attempting to answer it.

“Hello!? Chelsea? I was getting worried about you. You ok?” Cookie spoke excitedly.

Now there was dead silence for what seemed like an eternity.

“Chelsea? Chelsea? Are you there?” Cookie thought that maybe there was a problem with the phone connection and she was about to hang up and call her sister back. But she could distinctly hear a soft echo of whimpering in the background. Nervous and not knowing what to expect, her intuition led her to stay on the line.

“Chelsea?” A dark and distorted voice finally answered on the other line, with a sinister laugh. “This ain’t Chelsea b%$^#$”.

Cookie’s heart sank to the very pit of her stomach. She was speechless and could not catch her breath. She felt her chest tighten with a vice grip of fear, but she had to stay focused. “What? Who is this? Put my sister on the phone right now! Who the hell are you?” Cookie screamed.

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