Adrion Butler Drops ‘Timely’ New Single

I still have Adrion Butler’s “Let That Boy Worship” in heavy rotation on my iPod. It’s one of my cardio go to’s or just when I want to hear some good music. Adrion makes the kind of Hip Hop music that has substance, with a current sound. So, I didn’t expect anything different when I heard he was releasing new music. “On Time” is laid back, compared to its predecessor. Nevertheless, Adrion Butler’s message is just as poignant.

The song has a throwback, nostalgic feel to it (complete with touching references to his grandmother). The song compares God to a “drink when I am thirsty”. He admits God may not be there when he wants, but He is right on time when he needs him most. Although Adrion’s flow on this track may remind you of current day rap stars like Migos and 2 Chainz, thank God (literally), his skills far super-cede theirs. In fact, each verse finds him altering the speed and┬ádelivery differently than the previous one.

“On Time” is that feel good song that will surely lift your spirits. Adrion conveys his message here in a way that makes those who don’t even listen to Hip Hop music take notice. His music resonates with the youth for a specific purpose. Also, he has an old soul that fits right in to those listeners who may have difficulty adapting to Hip Hop.

I have already been giving “On Time” repeated rotation on my playlist. Chances are, once you hear it, you will too. Check out the single for yourself below. It’s definitely right on time. Download or stream “On Time” on all digital retailers.


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