Are You Ready To Feel The Sting?

I have always been a lover of water. Water is one of God’s most soothing and interesting creations to me, especially waters of the ocean. Every book I have ever written has to start off with the concept and title first. The title and concept are part of the backbone of how I am able to write. I remember having the idea to release another poetry book a little over a year ago. I was browsing the internet, when I kept seeing a pop up about stingrays on the computer.  Pictures and pop ups of stingrays kept appearing on my computer screen. I hadn’t even searched for anything close to that online before then. The pictures of the various stingrays almost seemed to haunt me and that’s when it hit me – Stingrays.

I started researching more about these very interesting and odd looking fish. For the most part, they are harmless and mind their own business in different parts of the seafloor. They can easily camouflage with their surroundings, taking on different colors. Many of them grow over 6 feet long and can weigh almost 800 pounds. Plus, ancient dentists even used the venom from the stingray’s spine as an anesthetic. Crazy, isn’t it? In life, it’s easy to feel “stung” by certain things, even when we feel like we are minding our own business. We all react to life in different ways, depending on our environment, influence of those around us and our own personal beliefs.

Stingrays details my feelings about certain situations, whether it’s the familiar pursuit for financial gain, matters of the heart or the impact of social media on self-esteem. This is one of the most personal works I’ve ever written and I know many of you will be able to relate to the content here. I truly can’t wait to share this book with everyone! Stay tuned, as I’ll be unveiling additional updates about Stingrays within the coming months, leading up to its release next year for 2017.

Prepare yourself to #FeeltheSting.