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Fall Out Boy: The ‘Mania’ Never Ends

Fall Out Boy deserves credit for remaining to be one of the premier Rock bands of the last 15 years. The group’s hardcore fans may have criticized their artistic freedom (trading their edgy sound for pop hits). Nevertheless, they are still one of America’s favorite Pop/Rock music ensembles. Now, they are back with the short […]

The Last Time I Saw You

I had lunch yesterday with some great friends I haven’t seen in a while. They were both doing well and looked happy. I always enjoy seeing great people being prosperous, because I feel like they deserve it that much more. As we caught up on each other’s lives and work, the topic came up about […]

Joe Budden: Rage and Hot Bars

  Picture this. The Summer of 2003 was a very memorable year for me. I graduated high school and was about to enter my freshman year of college. Oh yeah, and Joe Budden’s debut single, “Pump It Up” was blasting in everyone’s car. Many fans may have prematurely placed Joe Budden in a box of […]

Cookie’s Frightening Dilemma

I released my first novel, Fortune Cookie, last November. Now, the follow up is completed and is currently going through the editing process. Fortune Cookie is the first book in a three part series. The second installment is even more suspenseful than the first. NCITM (I’ll reveal what that stands for later) comes out next […]