No Cream In The Middle


Cookie is finally able to know what pure joy tastes like.  She has the husband of her dreams, a fulfilling career and a new sense of spiritual awakening. She has overcome her deepest, darkest secret and now smells like roses. Her future is no longer tangled in the bondage of her past. Yet, there is another drama looming just around the bend. Just when she thinks she is about to enjoy the cream of the crop, everything abruptly turns sour.

Chelsea, Cookie’s sister, has some deeply rooted mysteries of her own. The two sisters’ relationship becomes strained as the seeds of distrust and envy grow to harden their hearts. Cookie must now unravel a whole new set of family secrets, personal struggles and devastating blows that turn her world upside down. There is no comfort with familiar territory anymore. She becomes progressively paranoid about the fate of her marriage, family relations and even her own existence.

Will Cookie be able to survive another tumultuous wave of misfortune? What is Chelsea hiding from everyone around her? Cookie realizes the decadent cream of her happiness has elusively escaped her. Now, there seems to be nothing left for her to live for.


The follow up to the novel, Fortune Cookie. Chelsea (Cookie’s sister) is the one with the deadly secrets this time.