Why It’s Not Their Fault


Have you ever found yourself being bitter, thinking about your past? Yes, you are far removed from it all now. You have landed gracefully on the other side of greatness. I get it. We have all seen your victory banners. However, we do think about the time we wasted. Then, we ponder how we could be so careless. After that, we examine what mistakes we made to get there. This is the part we quickly gloss over. We are professionals at soothing our conscious by pointing the finger at other people. It was all their fault! All the while, we miss the greater lesson. The problem was ultimately with ourselves, not the other person.

Many of you may know by now that I have an upcoming poetry book called Stingrays coming soon. I have been so anxious to share this body of work with everyone! Poetry has to hit me though. I can’t force it to flow from my mind. However, one day during the time period while I was writing Stingrays, I had a pity party. I didn’t invite anyone to partake in the fun (or lack thereof). You all can thank me later :). Instead, I decided to turn my pen and paper for a sounding board. “Twenty-Something” was the end result.

This day I was feeling particularly cheated. I felt that I had missed out on certain opportunities in life because of what others had done to hold me back. True as that may be, I still had to take accountability for my role. My current situation wasn’t all their fault. During the initial sting of it all though, we don’t feel like retracing our own steps. In fact, it’s much easier to criticize or redirect the steps others have taken in regards to us. Nonetheless, here’s the summation of those thoughts here below in “Twenty-Something”. I’m quite sure many of you reading this will be able to relate.

Oh and stay tuned for a special announcement about Stingrays coming soon. Let’s just say everyone will get a real “kick” out of it.


I gave you the most

Vibrant years of my life

Waited on your mark, set, go

Watched opportunities pass me by

Whisked away with fair weather winds blown

You gave me a piece of a promise

Strung me along just long enough

To drain me of my youth

The audacity to try to trick me

Your tactics are so uncouth

Naïve and unknowing

I didn’t think there was better

So I stayed strapped in for worse

Watched my joy slow creep away

Like a hearse in a funeral procession

Back to life, back to reality

No matter how I tried

Nothing seemed to resuscitate the inner me

This was supposed to be my

Time to shine

My time to thrive

But I couldn’t see which road to take

For all the dirt kicked in my eyes

But don’t bring me your balloons, streamers

Cards and confetti for my pitty party

Because this is just a mere

Recounting of a hard lesson learned

That finding the strength to leave you

Was a Godsend

I’ve got my mojo back

I’m feeling like a twenty-something all over again

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