UK Band Everywhere Tells Us To ‘Man Up’

I initially became acquainted with Everywhere’s music in December of 2016 (The New Fiction Act Is ‘Everywhere’). Their fresh sound and edgy vocals instantly drew me in. So, when I heard about their upcoming single, “Man Up”, I had to check it out. The group’s latest single also features Swedish singer/songwriter Rebecca Nohr. The group takes directive jabs at the traditional idea of what manhood should be. The chorus chants, “You gotta man up/Or I will eat you whole.”

The whole song is the group recounting a conversation from the woman’s point of view. “Man Up” leaves room to the imagination of what the rebuttal will be. Perhaps we will get to hear that on the band’s next single. The production is dreamy, tribal infused and undeniably pop influenced. Ironically, there’s a piece of nostalgia baked in here. Like that familiar deja vu feeling of a comfortable place visited once before. Rebecca Nohr’s smooth vocals are also a worthy addition and contrast to lead singer Max Berga’s more rock driven tone. 

Listen to “Man Up” for yourself below. The track is available for streaming now on Soundcloud. However, the single will be released to all digital outlets next Friday, June 9th. Everywhere is currently working on a studio album, with plans to release it this fall. I’m definitely looking forward to the album, based on this new music the group has unveiled. 

What are your thoughts on Everywhere’s new single, “Man Up”?

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