The Rap Game’s 2nd Quarter

Since its powerful introduction in the music industry in the 80s, there’s no denying that rap music is here to stay. Rap is now a part of popular music and sells millions of records. Ask Nelly, whose debut album, Country Grammar, just joined the elite diamond club with over 10 million in sales. Now rapper, producer and CEO of So So Def Records, Jermaine Dupri is back with the second season of The Rap Game. The unique aspect of the show is that it focuses on children (usually between the ages of 10 to 16) who aspire to be professional rappers. These kids have already garnered much public attention on their own and a strong social media presence. They are just missing that one big break to really set their career off.

Why Should You Watch The Show
These kids actually do have great talent. Many of them write their own lyrics, still excel in school and have charming personalities. Plus, there are guest appearances from celebrities like Mariah Carey, Monica and Snoop Dogg. Jermaine Dupri also has some of his team of producers on the show to create tracks especially for the contestants to rap over in the studio. Most of all, the show is giving back to children who are serious about their careers, without being too dramatic like most reality TV shows.

The Cast
This season’s lineup consists of Jayla Marie, Tally, Mini Barbie, J.I., Lil’ Key, Mani and Nia Kay.

Still Standing
Mini Barbie and Tally have already been given the boot and sent back home. Mini Barbie’s time on the show was the shortest, after she failed to be able to catch her breath during her audition for Jermaine Dupri (with Da Brat and Timbaland also in the same room). Tally barely made it a little further but was also kicked off the show once she forgot her lines in front of Snoop Dogg. She still couldn’t gain her composure even after Jermaine let her grab her notebook. Now, there are 5 left on the show.

My Prediction for the Winner
In the beginning, I was really rooting for Jayla Marie. She has a very unassuming look for a female rapper and has a wholesomeness that could give her a wide appeal. However, she doesn’t write her own raps. Most genres of music don’t require artists to write their own lyrics. Rappers gain most of their credibility though from actually writing their own lyrics. I think this will greatly diminish her chances of succeeding on the show.

Mani is middle of the road for me. He’s pretty good, but his style seems too familiar to me. Nia Kay on the other hand does have great stage presence and she also has a strong personality. In fact, her personality is so strong that she quickly clapped back on Jayla Marie this week when she made a comment about her hair. Nia Kay rebutted that her dad had to help her finish writing her verses. Ouch.

J.I., also known as the Prince of New York has a bit of a quirky look. However, a rapid fire flow that easily rivals rap heavyweights like Twista and Bone Thugs N Harmony. He’s actually my choice for who should win, but his mother’s feisty Brooklyn attitude will likely be his down fall. Then there’s Lil Key. Something about him reminds me of 50 Cent, but he still has his own style. On this week’s episode, he really won over Jermaine Dupri by including some historical facts about his hometown in his rap. When it’s all said and done, I think he’ll be the one to take the crown if he remains consistent.

Who do you think will be the King or Queen of The Rap Game this season?

Catch the show every Friday at 9pm CST.