It Takes 21 Days To….


We have all heard the saying, “It takes 21 days to break a bad habit”. I am actually doing a 21 day fast right now. So, believe that there are some bad habits being broken. However, 21 days means something different today. The official release date is February 4th (my birthday). I am extremely excited about the release of this book. There is something here for everyone. The poetry featured in Stingrays details situations in life that can “sting” us.

Authentic poetry doesn’t just happen overnight. Stingrays took a year and a half to write. All the while, life happened as I wrote. Life stung at times, while I wrote more. Some of the topics covered are love, forgiveness, injustice and loss. Although I believe poetry is best read in the physical form, I decided to release this book digitally. The Kickstarter I recently wrapped up was a means to get the best of both worlds. Stay tuned, because Stingrays is not the only book I have coming this year.

No Cream In The Middle is coming this July. This is the second installment of my three part novel series. If you thought Fortune Cookie was steamy, it’s about to get even hotter. Cookie believes her life has finally made a positive turn. However, her greatest drama is looming just around the corner. Stingrays features a teaser of No Cream In The Middle as well. Make sure to get your copy of Stingrays on February 4th! This book is my most personal work to date, which is why I decided to release it on my birthday.

Plus, here’s an excerpt from Stingrays. This poem is called “Mr. Justify”. The ebook will be available on iBook, Kindle, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Online and all online retailers in just 21 days. Also, there just may be a special surprise coming this summer too.

Hello, it’s me again

I don’t mean to bother you

Or take up too much of your time

But I’ve gotten myself tangled up

Caught up in a mess I can’t undo again

In a bind, slave to my mind

And need your help because

I’ve abused the truth

Maybe told more than my share

Of a few white lies

Broken a few hearts

And caused several sets of eyes to cry

I don’t know why I keep

Leaving these loose ends untied

But Mr. Justify

I always heard you could restore

Sight to the blind

Even if it’s nothing more than

False hope you supply

Oh please, Mr. Justify

I need your advice

It cuts too deeply to face

The truth of these vices

So help me live another lie

Thanks in advance

I’ll be here awaiting your reply on stand by

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