The Tail End Of The Sting!

The power of a stingray lies in its tail. Ironically, Ancient Greek dentists used the venom contained inside of the tail of a stingray as anesthesia. There is always light after any storm. Maybe you have experienced the loss of a loved one recently. Maybe you’re feeling really unnoticed or unappreciated. Then, there may be some of you who are experiencing a tremendous heartbreak. Whatever the case, we all have one thing in common. We are still standing. This is the concept my latest poetry book, Stingrays, stems from.

Many of you may already know that I’m running a Kickstarter campaign for Stingrays. This campaign will give everyone a chance to get exclusive, signed and printed copies of the book. There are also t-shirts, signed replicas of the cover art and early bird copies of my upcoming novel, No Cream In The Middle, available. Although there are now 48 hours left to show your support, there is still time! Any contribution amount is greatly appreciated. I’m sure you will find the poetry included in Stingrays parallel to situations in your own life. In fact, here’s a poem called “Nothing Is Sacred” that I’m sure you can relate to. Read all 50+ plus poems from Stingrays for yourself HERE.

Whatever happened to the days

When pinky swears sealed the deal?

Or when you could sleep soundly

On the security of a scouts honor

What about when a round of thumb wars

Was all you needed to call a truce?

When the only complications we had

Were not letting the sherbet from push pops

Melt and drip through the tube

When commitment wasn’t measured by

Online impressions or being included on a guest list

But a simple yes or no was circled

And we dreaded being

Stuck in that maybe box, just like too many

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Sticking firmly to the roof of our mouths

Don’t you remember when it was actually safe

To play outside after the street lights dimmed?

And drive bys and hate crimes

Were mostly what we saw on prime time films

When pushing the envelope was

Guys wearing backwards pants and

Girls with their hats to the back with their pants down low

And sexy could be found standing

Inside of a pair of overalls, fully clothed

Instead I am frozen solid

Tapping on the glass in this

Stuck in this horrific time capsule

Wishing for back to the future’s past

And we ask, how long will the dissention last?

If anyone finds a way to get back

To when something as simple as

Removing the plastic from a CD

And reading the liner notes was sacred

Beam me up and tell me how to get there fast


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