Tag: Thirsty Thursday

Bai Gives Us Guilt Free Cream

Bai has been a longstanding favorite drink line of mine. I love how their drinks taste great, but also are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. However, Bai has recently unveiled a brand new “Black” line. The Bai Black line has cool packaging, with a black matte finish and accent colors. I have tried all of […]

Pappadeaux Gets A Cat 30 Hurricane

A birthday celebration would not be complete without visiting my favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux. They also just celebrated their 30th birthday in October of 2016. In honor of this grand occasion, they added a new drink called Cat 30. The Cat 30 was right on time for my birthday on February 4th. Pappadeaux has slowly added […]

Ida Claire Gives The Taste Of Pearfection

On February 4th, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I will share the new drinks I tried for my birthday. Basically, my birthday is taking over the month of February for Thirsty Thursdays. Pearfect 75 is the first drink I tried for my birthday weekend. This one was from Ida Claire. If you love pears, this […]

The Unlikely Cool, Tropical Nekter

Let’s just get this part out of the way. I’m not really a fan of bananas. The only time I will eat them is if they are blended in a smoothie. However, I decided to try something new at Nekter Juice Bar last week. Please don’t sleep on this place. If you have been sleeping on […]

MangoSix Kiwi Mint Delight

I decided to lay low with the Thirsty Thursday posts until I found a drink that was really worth talking about. However, I went to a new place called MangoSix Cafe last week with my wife. MangoSix has a pretty interesting concept. They serve desserts, coffee, smoothies made with fresh fruit, cold pressed juices and […]

The Gingerbread Revelry

  Texas has finally cooled down over the last couple of days. Some of you may remember me posting a picture of my new Imbue Tea portable brewer on Instagram. I purchased it through Kickstarter and I’ve been using it heavily since then. Bagged tea can be really good, but loose leaf tea tastes the best. […]

Island Bound With A Crown

Memphis is known for their barbecue. I visited there last weekend for a book festival. My friends and I tried a barbecue spot called Jim ‘N Nick’s while we were in town. The food was so good that we actually came back twice. I’ actually don’t like barbecue that much. When I say a barbecue place […]

Sparkling Berries Meet Sangria

Yes, I love Starbucks. However, I’m not a fan of coffee. I can smell it all day, but the taste does nothing for me. For some, I know it may seem weird to enjoy a place that specializes in coffee, but never drink it. Tea, on the other hand, is one of my favorite drinks. […]

Ginger’s Taste Of Sweet Passion

My wife and I went to Genghis Grill a couple of weeks ago. I have always enjoyed their food. However, that day everything really tasted good to me. I may have just been more hungry than usual too. Who knows? I tried their Passion Ginger Limeade, instead of ordering water as I usually do. I […]

Stoli Likes It HOT…Do You?

I prefer to keep the hot peppers away when it comes to drinks. Spicy drinks are usually not my cup of tea or juice for that matter. Ginger is the only spicy flavor I will readily drink. I absolutely love hot food though. However, I refrain from making my food too hot when I cook for other people. I […]