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Setting The Mood At 65 Degrees

Many of you know that I just released my latest poetry book, Commissioned To Love. One of the book signings I hosted was at one of my favorite wine bars, Two Corks and a Bottle. Their ambiance is really relaxing and it was the perfect place to usher in the official release of my book. […]

Watermelon Under The Cherry Moon

I get it. Fall is officially here and watermelon season is out the door. Give me pumpkin spice or nothing else! I know. However, today’s Thirsty Thursday is worth you putting down that pumpkin spiced latte for just a moment. I recently discovered the WTRMLN CHRRY drink at Target. I was looking for something I […]

Pappadeaux’s Captain On Deck

Pappadeaux is my favorite restaurant. Most people that know me well can easily tell you this. However, the last time I went I decided to try something new. I tasted their crawfish etouffee for the first time. In addition, I also ordered their Captain Hurricane. Hurricanes are some of my favorites drinks. So, I had […]