Stoli Likes It HOT…Do You?


I prefer to keep the hot peppers away when it comes to drinks. Spicy drinks are usually not my cup of tea or juice for that matter. Ginger is the only spicy flavor I will readily drink. I absolutely love hot food though. However, I refrain from making my food too hot when I cook for other people. I decided to be adventurous this weekend at Full Circle Tavern and try jalapeno flavored vodka that my sister in law suggested. Jalapeno flavored alcohol seemed weird to me, but I decided to give it a shot; literally.

In less than 10 seconds I had a change of heart. Stoli Hot, the brand of vodka, had a surprisingly smooth taste. Don’t mistake it; the drink does have a kick. The heat didn’t set in until the aftertaste. Believe it or not, I asked to see the bottle so I could buy my own soon. I recommend having a glass of water after a shot of it, but it’s not anything that will make you gag for air. You should definitely try Stoli Hot for your next happy hour, party or even night in the house.

What is the strangest drink you’ve ever tasted?

Bottoms up.  It’s Thirsty Thursday!