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Why It’s Not Their Fault

Have you ever found yourself being bitter, thinking about your past? Yes, you are far removed from it all now. You have landed gracefully on the other side of greatness. I get it. We have all seen your victory banners. However, we do think about the time we wasted. Then, we ponder how we could be […]

I’m Not Ready To Forgive You

Forgiveness  can be one of the hardest things to do. Many people say they have forgiven others, but still harbor ill feelings. I have learned over the years that forgiveness is more so for ourselves than it is the other person. We shouldn’t hold on to negative feelings, but forgiveness takes time. Some people just […]

The Sting Between The Sheets

  This week, I announced that my new poetry book, Stingrays, will be released early next year. Stingrays is close to 90% completed, so I am excited to share this new collection of poetry with you. My first novel, Fortune Cookie, took a year to write; but poetry is a different beast. Fiction follows a certain rhythm […]

Are You Ready To Feel The Sting?

I have always been a lover of water. Water is one of God’s most soothing and interesting creations to me, especially waters of the ocean. Every book I have ever written has to start off with the concept and title first. The title and concept are part of the backbone of how I am able […]