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Chelsea Loses Her Cool….And Her Cream

My latest novel, No Cream In The Middle, will officially be released in just 5 days! I’m so excited to share the follow up to my first novel, Fortune Cookie, with everyone. Chelsea takes center stage in No Cream In The Middle and we really get to find out what makes her tick. She has […]

If These Chairs Could Talk

Many of us work long hours every day. People sit a desk, stand or either a combination of both. No one ever stops to think about the chairs though. They hold our weight, without complaint. Of course, the chair won’t ever talk back. However, the chair often gets to witness us at our lowest points. […]

The ‘Sting’ Is Coming In 7 Days

I have always loved poetry for as long as I can remember. The emotion, the voice inflections through spoken word, the word play. All of it is so intriguing to me, especially when you hear or see different poets in action. However, people have to live poetry in order to write about it. My new book, […]

It Takes 21 Days To….

  We have all heard the saying, “It takes 21 days to break a bad habit”. I am actually doing a 21 day fast right now. So, believe that there are some bad habits being broken. However, 21 days means something different today. The official release date is February 4th (my birthday). I am extremely excited about […]

The Tail End Of The Sting!

The power of a stingray lies in its tail. Ironically, Ancient Greek dentists used the venom contained inside of the tail of a stingray as anesthesia. There is always light after any storm. Maybe you have experienced the loss of a loved one recently. Maybe you’re feeling really unnoticed or unappreciated. Then, there may be […]

Sting Alert: Two Week Notice

So, exactly why are you doing this? What is the benefit? How does it work?  These are just a few questions I’ve received since launching my Kickstarter. Many of you likely know by now about my new poetry book, Stingrays. Last year I did a Kickstarter for my first novel, Fortune Cookie. The campaign ended up […]

Tune In For An ADD Takeover

There are some places where anything goes. The ADD Show Through The Eyes of Robi Nickoli is one of those places. I had a blast promoting Fortune Cookie on the show in July with Robi Nickoli, Kay Boss Lady and Erick Murphy. So, with the Kickstarter for my new book, Stingrays, just launching, I knew I […]

I’ve Been Stung…Have You?

Today is a very special day for me, for several reasons. I released my first poetry book, Blurred Vision, five years ago. Now, I’m really anxious to share my latest book. Stingrays will be released on my birthday, February 4, 2017. This poetry collection will only be available as an ebook. However, there are physical copies […]

Let’s All Just Be Honest

People were walking on egg shells yesterday. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. I noticed how people were very careful to state their opinions of the election results. However, everyone tried to be diplomatic. However, social media showed people’s true colors. I saw posts and captions that were bold, very opinionated and at […]

Bet You Won’t Push Me

Five years ago, I never imagined I would be on the brink of releasing my fifth book. I always loved poetry and even had a vision for three book titles. However, life has a way of smothering the flames of our dreams. Money, career aspirations, family, relationships and many other things can hold us hostage […]