The Sting Between The Sheets


This week, I announced that my new poetry book, Stingrays, will be released early next year. Stingrays is close to 90% completed, so I am excited to share this new collection of poetry with you. My first novel, Fortune Cookie, took a year to write; but poetry is a different beast. Fiction follows a certain rhythm of defining the plot, developing characters and creating mental imagery. However, I prefer not to force myself to write poetry. I can push myself to write about certain topics in poetry, but I prefer to keep it organic.

Stingrays has taken me a year and a half to write. There were certain things I had to live through to be able to write about. There were also certain things I had to witness repeatedly before I became fed up with enough to write about. Poetry is comprised of emotions and intimate thoughts. My poetry always speaks from my point of view so even if the story doesn’t belong to me I can relate to it. Poetry is sacred and intentional, despite the fact that it can be open to various interpretations. This collection of poetry consists of thoughts transferred from my head to paper. Few people have have even viewed some of these poems.

One of the poems that will be featured in Stingrays, entitled “Between the Sheets”. I will leave this one up to your interpretation; but remember that all things are not as they seem. The spice of life is created through different vantage points so leave your thoughts on what you think this poem is about.

Between The Sheets

Turn the sheets back

So I can see you better

So I can inhale you deeper

Skin to skin

And witness your glorious splendor

Leave the lights on

The experience is more memorable that way

Besides, I’d hate to feel my way

Around such a rousing beauty

In the pitfalls of darkness

Tell me all your thoughts

Whisper your fantasies into my ear

I’ll keep them quietly sequestered

Take control when I ask you to

Bite my lips, pull my hair, whip me while

You tie me up in this velvet chair

Never set me free and offer me

Decadent, incredible edibles

But don’t forget to be gentle when

You know I need it most

Leave your inhibitions on the coat rack

If you play nicely, I might let you

Have them back when I’m done

Giving you an experience that’s too spectacular

For virtual existence,

An astringent lifting and sifting

The surface, shallow preconceived notions

From your brain

What’s behind door #1?

You’re not afraid to go deeper are you?

Don’t tell me you’re scared

To get a little messy, are you?

Drop your tepidness to the floor

Follow me down the hazy corridor

When it’s all said done they’ll

Want to know just how

The creamy center oozed and spilled to the floor

Tell them they should have been there