Sparkling Berries Meet Sangria

Yes, I love Starbucks. However, I’m not a fan of coffee. I can smell it all day, but the taste does nothing for me. For some, I know it may seem weird to enjoy a place that specializes in coffee, but never drink it. Tea, on the other hand, is one of my favorite drinks. Tazo Chai Tea Latte, from Starbucks, is one of the best teas ever in my opinion.  I have ventured out to try their other tea and lemonade offerings in the last couple of years. My taste buds have not been disappointed yet. I recently tried the new Teavana Sparkling Berry Sangria Herbal Tea.

I love Teavana (most tea drinkers do), so that already got my foot halfway in the door. Plus, I really like the taste of sangria. Throw some berries in and it sounds like a flavor celebration to me. Starbucks has a sign advertising this new drink. I found it odd that a new flavored, cold tea would be introduced at this time of year. Then again, it usually doesn’t get extremely cold in Texas.

Nonetheless, I had to try this refreshing drink. The taste is amazing! The drink has a slight fizz, with sweet and tart flavors (provided by the fresh berries and orange slices). Sangria is dominant here, without being over powering. The tea itself has a very light berry flavor, which compliments the other ingredients very well. This tea in the 16 oz size only has 150 calories (for whoever is counting) and 20% of your daily dose of vitamin C.

In other tea news, I just received a really cool Imbue Tea maker in the mail from Kickstarter. It allows you to steep loose leaf tea on the go. Expect to see some upcoming reviews on some loose leaf tea flavors soon. In the meantime, flip up your cup and throw your hands up. It’s Thirsty Thursday!

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