Snoh Aalegra: Catching FEELS

Snoh Aalegra, the Swedish born songstress, has finally released her full length debut album, FEELS. She’s the mentee of producer No I.D. Although this is her debut album, you should do yourself a favor and check out her EP, Don’t Explain. She credits the 70s, 80s and early 90s as her strongest musically influenced eras. Her music definitely showcases those influences with ease. Snoh Aalegra opens FEELS with the beautiful, sultry, “All I Have”. This is quickly followed by the low bass groove, “Sometimes”. The song features rapper Logic, who offers a poignant and memorable verse. The song has melancholy undertones, but is one of the strongest offerings on the album. 

She turns up the tempo on the self reflective and tropical sounding, “You Got Me”. Her vocals are effortlessly hypnotic. She has a delicate pain that draws the listener in for more. Here, she admits that her lover has her in the palm of his hand. The bluesy “Out Of Your Way” is a gentle dream that makes you want to stay asleep. She pleads, “Can’t you see that I’m tryin?/Can’t you see that I’m hurtin?”. Vic Mensa stops by on the Motown-esque, “You Keep Me Waiting”. Although this is one of the more lyrically dense songs on the album, it has an easy listening feel. Plus, Vic Mensa’s flow fits the track like a glove here. 

“Fool For You” sounds like the hit that got away from Jazmine Sullivan. This chilling track conveys how we have all felt like a fool for love at some point in life. However, there is something about the tone of her voice here that sounds content, even triumphant. Clearly, Snoh isn’t letting her “foolishness” for love get her down. She’s just merely stating the facts (“I should run the other way, but I stay right here”). “Time”, dedicated to the memory of her father, is an unarguable standout on FEELS. The song details those feelings of wishing we cherished certain moments more. This track is one of many that speaks volumes to her unique artistry. 

Vince Staples, another Hip Hop underground heavyweight, stops by for the theatrically produced “Nothing Burns Like The Cold”. The song sounds like a shoe in for the next James Bond film. “FEELS”, the album’s title track, has a Stevie Wonder appeal that she pulls off extremely well. This is instant vintage at its finest. She brings Paris to our auditory senses on this rich love song. Snoh Aalegra fully acknowledges the guards she has up on the sassy and melodic, “Walls”. 

Snoh Aalegra has a voice and style that is all her own. Her music is lyrically unapolegtic. Her vocals are piercing, yet soothing at the same time. She is definitely one of the most refreshing artists in R&B music (and music, period) to grace the scene in a very long time. Make sure you catch the FEELS too. 

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