Miss Doggette (Love Alters Life)

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Who is Miss Doggette?

She is a woman scorned who has decided to turn the tables on men. She has grown weary and fed up with men who have mistreated, used and abused her, often with no remorse. Are women not capable of doing those same things to men? Miss Doggette thinks otherwise. Follow her accounts of role reversals in love. She takes no prisoners, calls all the shots and lives on her own terms. Follow Miss Doggette’s journey, through poetry, of how she became to be the no nonsense woman revealed within these pages.

However, there also comes a time for reflection and transformation. Her story details how a good girl turned bad and then good again. The pain of breaking through the surface of forgiveness, accountability and honesty led her to the ultimate transformation. This is how Love Alters Life. Throughout her process, Miss Doggette learns that the only way to truly be transformed is to let God take the lead. Miss Doggette (Love Alters Life) is neither the sole account of saint or sinner. Her story is that of real life, as distorted or beautiful as it may be at that very moment.


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