Introducing Shirley


Have you ever been in love or experienced it? There can be pinnacles, joy and what seems to be never ending happiness. But there can also be valleys, confusion and mistrust. Which side of love will we fall on? How will we survive our heartache? We don’t have to experience it all to learn a valuable lesson. Sometimes we can learn just from watching others and their actions.

Shirley Thomas is a native of Houston, TX. She’s been writing for several years and is eager to share her perspective on life and love, through the art of short stories and poetry. Her writing has elements of purity, intrigue and wisdom. Introducing Shirley is a quick read, but packed with many life lessons. Blended families, deceit, and interracial dating are all situations that we can either relate to or know of in our personal lives. Introducing Shirley not only presents a thought provoking literary work, but it also gives us a glimpse into the warm heart of an outstanding woman, Shirley Thomas.