Honesty Box


What would people really say about us if their identity remained anonymous? Would those that sing our praises in public drag our names through the mud in the unknown dark shadows? Maybe they would call us a liar, a perpetrator, ugly, unintelligent, a sellout, a whore, a punk, or an outcast. What if their words were true? What if we couldn’t untangle their lies from other people’s perception that swiftly solidifies as reality? It’s a scary thought either way, isn’t it?

Honesty Box is the third collection of poetry and essays from author Carlos Harleaux. Unlike his first 2 books, Blurred Vision and Hindsight 20/20, Honesty Box offers a more holistic view of the pinnacles and pitfalls of honesty. With the increasing popularity of social media use, we are breeding a nation of cowards. We’d rather hide behind our cell phones and computer screens than being upfront and truthful the old fashioned way – up close and personal.
The concept of truth is woven throughout Honesty Box. Whether it’s the rollercoaster emotions of being in love, struggling with the loss of a loved one, lust, betrayal, or even an absentee parent, there’s a flavor of candor here for everyone to digest. Conventional thoughts of what society accepts as sincere, will be shaken as you explore Honesty Box.

Is honesty really the best policy? Here’s the key and access has been granted to fully unpack what’s inside the box.

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