Seven Lessons 2017 Taught Me

This isn’t one of those prosperous New Year’s posts. This also isn’t one of those new resolution posts. I think it’s better to just focus on being the best version of ourselves each day. Now that we have that out of the way, I do want to share some important lessons I learned this year. Hopefully, they help you in 2018 (and life period). Some of these may seem like no brainers, but there was obviously still a lesson I needed to learn from them. These are my seven lessons from 2017. These are in no particular order. 

People Change Unexpectedly

It’s just that simple. You can know a person nearly half your life and they can still do something that shocks you to the core. Welp, cheers to remaining unshockable. 

The Most Unlikely People Will Cheer You Up When You Need It Most 

2017 had its share of rough days for me (as I’m sure it did for you as well). There were a few people that were outside of my close circle of family and friends that said or did something that really lifted my spirits. The best part is they didn’t even realize they did. Be open to those around you. 

All Money Isn’t Good Money 

Ok, I really hate to admit this one. I guess the year isn’t complete without a good debit card scam, right? Pay attention and even after you pay attention, pay attention again (say that five times fast). I’m still recovering from this one, but life is still good. It was a (costly) lesson learned. 

Clear Out Clutter In The Mind 

Spring cleaning is important. There are physical things that we should sift through and purge. However, your mind requires the same exercise. Clearing out clutter includes more than getting rid of tangible things. It could also be bad habits, the need to be a “busy body” and painfully, even some of the people that are close to you. 

Agree To Disagree

I’m not a very argumentative person. I usually say what I have to say and then I’m done. However, I didn’t stick to that as well as I should have this year. Grown people will do what they want. It’s similar to learning how to swim. The older you get, the harder it is to learn how to swim. It’s the same way with trying to prove a point. Sometimes it’s better to walk away knowing the truth, your truth or the lie….whichever helps you go to sleep at night. 

Keep Yourself Busy During Hard Times 

There’s a difference between useless distractions and keeping busy during difficult times. There is nothing wrong with the latter. In fact, it’s even therapeutic. Let’s just say that working on three different books of my own this year (to be staggered over the next two years) kept my mind occupied from negative thoughts. Yours may not be writing, but find something you’re passionate about that keeps you out of the slump. 

Someone Always Has It Worse Than You 

There were several points this year that I asked God, “Why me?” It was a selfish question to ask, but that was really how I felt. Almost every single time I questioned things that happened to me, I heard about someone else that was going through something worse than me. I could feel God tapping me on my shoulder as if to say, “Is it really that bad? Would you like to trade places with them?” Simply put, we should all be more grateful. 

As I mentioned before, I have been hard at work writing several books this year. The first of those books is a collection of poetry called Commissioned To Love. The book is specifically designed to inspire women, but it’s really uplifting for anyone to read. The official release date will be on Valentine’s Day next year, but stay tuned for more updates.

Feel free to share any 2017 lessons of your own that you will take with you in 2018!

2 comments on “Seven Lessons 2017 Taught Me

  1. Debra Swisher

    Well said!!! So painstakingly honest and forthright! I sincerely hope this will help someone else that reads this!! But, l already know that it will… God uses a strong vessel (you) to help someone that may not have the same amount of strength! After all, aren’t we supposed to help others? In turn, we help ourselves! Continue to be the vessel that He can use: He, being the God that He is, will never allow you to miss any blessings that are exclusively yours!! Onward and upward, my Blessed Child!!


    1. 7th Sign

      Thank so much Momma! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I definitively hope it helps someone when they read it too!


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