Prince’s Moonbeam Levels 4Ever


We knew it was coming. Prince released enough albums to fill up a whole trunk while he was alive. Fans are still mourning his loss even now. Today, his estate quietly released a new compilations album entitled 4ever. The album is basically a 2 disc greatest hits collection. However, it does include some lesser known tracks, including “Peach”, “Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)” and “Glam Slam”. “Moonbeam Levels” is the sole new track on the project. The song was originally recorded during the 1999 album sessions, but was ultimately scrapped.

The song includes somber lyrics about him not wanting to die. “Moonbeam Levels”┬áis reflective and a bit somber. Something about it sounds like it could almost fit right in to the current sound of today though. Then again, Prince was never one to follow musical trends. He created them. There’s a deep underlying sense of sadness here though, despite the song being recorded over 30 years ago.

Many of the die hard Prince fans are biting their nails for the Purple Rain repacking next year. That was the album that defined the pop status of his career. His influence and legacy is like no other. This year, he even took home the American Music Award for Best Soundtrack in 2016. Yes, 2016. That is over 20 years after the original release of the album. The Purple Rain repackaged set will supposedly include a complete disc of never before released material. There’s no question that the man who redefined the color purple and more importantly music as we know it, will live on 4ever.

4ever is available online and at select brick and mortar stores where music is sold. Hits like “Pink Cashmere”, “Hot Thing” and “Adore” are omitted. Nonetheless, his catalog is a force to be reckoned with. Will you be buying the new Prince album?

I couldn’t track down the original song, but here is a cover of it from a duo called Synthetic Chocolate. I’d say they pulled off Prince’s sound well. However, you’ll have to get the album to hear the real thing.

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