Pappadeaux Gets A Cat 30 Hurricane

A birthday celebration would not be complete without visiting my favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux. They also just celebrated their 30th birthday in October of 2016. In honor of this grand occasion, they added a new drink called Cat 30. The Cat 30 was right on time for my birthday on February 4th. Pappadeaux has slowly added new cocktails to their menu over the last few months. All of the drinks I have tasted have been worth it. So, the Cat 30 was no different.

This drink is made with Flor de Cana 7 year aged rum, house made Fassionola syrup, fresh lime juice, soda and Hennessy V.S. Yep, it’s pretty freaking awesome. This drink has a very smooth flavor that’s not too sweet but dodges being too strong as well. I wouldn’t suggest getting more than two of these in one sitting because it will sneak up on you. However, I have definitely added this one to the list as one of my new favorites from Pappadeaux.

I have tasted several different hurricanes before and this concoction is one of the most inventive I have tried. The drink doesn’t have the traditional red color that many hurricanes do. Instead, Cat 30 is a golden yellow. Trust me, this is a drink you’ll want to try for your next happy hour, birthday celebration or just because you want something great to sip on.

Bottoms up….it’s Thirsty Thursday!

Feel free to share some of your favorite cocktails from Pappadeaux as well.

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2 comments on “Pappadeaux Gets A Cat 30 Hurricane

  1. Cadatone

    Thanks for the suggestion, the next time I’m at Pappadeaux I will have to try this.


    1. 7th Sign

      You’re welcome! Let me know what you think of it when you go.


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