New Coldplay With Aliens

Coldplay’s last album, A Head Full Of Dreams, still gets regular play on my iPod. The group is one of few acts who still find relevancy after a 20 year run. “Aliens” is their new single, from their forthcoming Kaleidoscope EP. The song’s production has a worldly sound, as much of their music does. The vibe of the track is very hypnotic, but should not be lost beneath the song’s lyrics. The melody of the song is upbeat. However, “Aliens” speaks about an uprooted refugee family. “We were just about to lose our home/Diamonds ate the radio/Moving in the dead of night”. 

The visuals for the lyric video are eye catching and eccentric. I am really curios now to see how the music video will look. As if the new single wasn’t cool enough, proceeds from “Aliens” will benefit the Migrant Offshore Aid Station. The organization rescues immigrants and refugees stranded at the Mediterranean Sea. This grand gesture makes me have even more respect for Coldplay. Kaleidoscope will be available for streaming this Friday, July 14th. The CD and vinyl versions will follow on August 4th.

What are your thoughts on “Aliens”? Will you be streaming Kaleidoscope this Friday?

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