Miguel And His Funky ‘Cadillac’

Miguel burst onto the music scene six years ago, with the cool and confidently collected single, “Sure Thing”.  All I Want Is You (his debut album) also featured the hits “Quickie” and “All I Want Is You”. 2012 was the real turning point of his career though. Kaleidoscope Dream was released that year. That album was led by the Prince-esque love ballad, “Adorn”. “Adorn” was the runaway hit that cemented the album’s success. Miguel officially became a superstar. Twenty years from now, we’ll still remember that song. Wildheart,  his third album, showcased his rebellious, rock side. He proved he was not afraid to experiment. “Cadillac” marks Miguel’s return to music after a brief few months of silence.

“Cadillac” is the lead single lifted from the Netflix original series soundtrack, The Get Down. The Get Down is set in the Bronx, during the birth of Hip Hop in the 1970s. Miguel croons a groovy plead to get a special woman in the backseat of his Cadillac. The production of this song alone is fire and I could easily listen to the track without his vocals.

However, Miguel effortlessly weaves in and out of falsetto and lower register tones. He isn’t the best singer in the world but he’s a master of making the best of his voice. “Cadillac” is the perfect Summer party song; with a heavy dose of vintage flavor. Miguel’s growth as an artist can definitely be felt here. “Cadillac” will be on repeat for quite some time.

Netflix will release the first six episodes of The Get Down this Friday, August 12th. The soundtrack will be available as an Apple Music exclusive album, for a limited time. Nas and Grandmaster Flash are also featured on the soundtrack.

What are your thoughts on Miguel’s “Cadillac”?

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