Maroon 5 Doesn’t Wanna Know


Maroon 5 has always been one of my favorite groups. I have seen them in concert twice. The second time was even better than the first. Their lyrics are genuine and they know how to connect with their fans. Songs like “Wake Up Call” and “This Love” spoke for us when we didn’t have the courage to say how we truly felt. Plus, Adam Levine’s voice has one of the most unique tones in music today. Maroon 5’s track record has been consistent with the release of their CDs. The group releases a new collection of material about every two years. My personal favorite project of theirs is It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. However, the group hardly ever disappoints on anything they record.

Now, Maroon 5 is back to stake their claim as the reigning Pop/Soft Rock group around. “Don’t Wanna Know” featuring Kendrick Lamar is their latest single. The song speaks of wishing to remain oblivious to who their ex is involved with now. The production is reminiscent of tropical lands and summer vibes. The chorus is a bit too repetitive for a group that’s usually so lyrically prolific. Nonetheless, this is Maroon 5 we are talking about. All in all, the song is pretty good.

Kendrick Lamar’s verse was a well thought out collaboration. I can’t say I could have pictured these two artists together on one song. Honestly, his short 18 second verse really kicks the song up a notch. The group keeps things light-hearted in true Maroon 5 fashion for the song’s music video. They opted for a concept that borrows from the current Pokemon Go craze. Kendrick Lamar’s verse (and presence) is scrapped for the video version of the song. Could the video’s meaning really be bringing light to our obsessions with social media and entertainers today? Maybe so. There’s no word yet on whether or not the song is the first single for a new album. Either way, we’re always ready for new music from the bad, yet good guys of Pop music.

So, check out “Don’t Wanna Know” and its hilarious music video below. Also, see how many cameos you can pick out. There are quite a few guest stars. What are your thoughts on the song? Would you “Bump It” or “Dump It”?

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