Mariah Carey Snaps Back At Ex Fiance

How do you turn around quite arguably the most disturbing televised New Year’s Eve performance in recent years? You release a brand new single, airing out your own dirty laundry. Mariah Carey knows how to hit high notes, write hit songs and make headlines. Her and ex fiance, James Packer, were engaged last year. However, that lasted about as long as a #1 chart run for one of her singles. Supposedly, he broke off the engagement in the press, before telling her. I’m not sure of the whole story. Furthermore, it’s not much of my concern for this post.

“I Don’t” is the new single from Mariah Carey, featuring YG. The song samples the Donnell Jones classic, “Where I Wanna Be”. The track and the melody find her getting back to her R&B roots. She sounds great on the song and is doing much less of those whisper tones she has made her recent trademark (thank goodness). The music video, which has already garnered over 6,000,000 views, finds her scantily clad in a drop top. Oh and let’s not forget that she burns her $250,000 wedding dress in the video.

She’s obviously trying hard to prove her last sex appeal in the video. Although she doesn’t have a need to do that, I can understand her wanting to stand out against the competition today. Despite the single release, she says she has no plans for a new album right now. The success of “I Don’t” may be the deciding factor of whether or not we will get a new Mariah Carey album. This might just be the perfect time to channel her frustrations into some new chart toppers.

So, what are your thoughts on “I Don’t”? Has Mariah Carey burned out her superstar flame? Check out the song and video for yourself below. I wonder what her ex fiance has to say about it.

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