In Love With The (Vita) CoCo

I am 2 months sober and counting. Yep. Oh, did you think I was talking about alcohol? I meant pre work out drinks. I completed the Daniel Fast earlier this year. The fast (or temporary diet) consists of vegetables, fruit, legumes, grains and that’s about it. The first 3 days kicked my butt, especially because I couldn’t have caffeine. Needless to say, my morning workouts were more than a struggle. I was accustomed to drinking different pre workout drinks on my way to the gym in the morning. 

However, the fast helped me break the dependency on the drinks. I always tried to find the most natural pre workout drink as possible. Nonetheless, most of them still include filler ingredients that aren’t good for us, creatine or high amounts of caffeine. Next week, I’ll share a great pre workout alternative I started using to help me wake up in the morning. For today’s post though, I want to introduce you to a secret that sustains my energy after the workout. Coconut water. Maybe it’s not a secret after all. Coconut water is nothing new. Plus, it’s naturally occurring. 

I actually have only found one brand of coconut water that I enjoy – Vita Coco. Most of the other brands have a nasty aftertaste. Vita Coco has the secret down just right though. They even have flavors infused with pineapple and mango for those that need a sweet boost. Coconut water is packed full of nutrients, including antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, B-complex vitamins, calcium, potassium, zinc and more. The nutritious drink is also a great go to for lowering blood pressure, headaches, hang overs, indigestion and of course, hydration.

Seems like instead of an apple a day keeping the doctor away, it should be a coconut a day. 

Bottoms up….it’s Thirsty Thursday!


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