Lorde Turns On The Green Light

Lorde shook up the music scene four years ago with her debut album, Pure Heroine. “Royals”, her monster hit single, led that collection of witty numbers that became her brand. Fans started pleading for new material in 2016. Lorde has now come out of the shadows with her audible reply. She has never been one of those artists to soak up the limelight. Perhaps that mystique is what makes her artistry that much more intriguing. Her upcoming album, Melodrama, is a summation of the last two years of her teenage years. Unlike her counterpart, Katy Perry, Lorde is more reflective woman than teenage dream girl.

Her aura has always given off a glow that’s wise beyond her years.  The album artwork features the work of Brooklyn artist Sam McKinnis. So, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that heartbreak is the center of attention on the album’s lead single, “Green Light”. She’s clearly angry here “She thinks you love the beach/You’re such a damn liar/Those great whites they have big teeth/Hope they bite you”. The music video features her dolled up in a form fitted pink dress. Lorde spills out her feelings in the back of a random SUV, then outside of its window and eventually on top of its roof. Someone, I expected Alanis Morisette to jump out of the backseat yelling, “You Outta Know”. 

Lorde is heartbroken on “Green Light”. However, she’s also triumphant and unapologetic. Although “Green Light” will likely be another chart topper for Lorde, “Liability” is the song that will take your breath away. Her vocals and lyrics are at the forefront here, against the subtle backing of a piano. The song has a bit of a melancholy undertone with lyrics like “You’re all gonna watch me disappear into the sun”. Nonetheless, this one is the real showstopper of the two songs. Lorde seems to shine brightest when she digs into herself the deepest. Looks like Melodrama is set to be one hell of a heartbreaking, love struck roller coaster ride. 

What are your thoughts on “Green Light” and “Liability”? 

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