Lizzo And Her Coconut Oil


Before this week, I didn’t know who Melissa Jefferson was. However, I quickly sat up and took notice when I discovered her new EP, Coconut Oil, on Tidal. The 29 year old singer has a robust sound that’s well beyond her years. Her style is brazen and bold, much like her activism stance when she’s outside of the booth. She can’t really be put in a box. Her musical style is part Hip Hop, part alternative and part R&B/Soul. She may remind you of Fergie, with lyrical similarities to Elle Varner. Although Coconut Oil is her third release in three years, she has the boastful delivery of a veteran.

Her sound is refreshing and playful. “Worship” and “Phone” will make you laugh and bob your head simultaneously. “Scuse Me” encourages women to feel good in their own skin and love themselves. “Deep” shows another facet of her artistry with a reggae tinged flavor. Just think of Rihanna, with real vocals. The soulful sounds and blaring horns on “Good As Hell” find her standing tall after a breakup. The title track “Coconut Oil” closes out the project on more of a serious note. She drives out any inklings of self doubt here praises coconut oil as her sole surviving element.

How could I forget to mention that Lizzo is from my home town of Houston too? Her music definitely exudes southern roots and she’s here to make people (especially women) feel good about themselves along the way. Sure, there is room for the bad girl, raunchy female in entertainment. Lizzo takes the high road, focusing on self esteem as her banner of choice.  Just like the many benefits coconut oil can be used for, Lizzo’s artistry is just as essential.

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