Lil Kim: “The Break Is Over”

Although Lil Kim has remained to keep her legacy vibrant since her last full length studio album (The Naked Truth, 2005), she has remained quiet. Motherhood seems to have calmed her down. Nonetheless, she is still touring, making music and reminding Nicki Minaj where her style originated from. So, it’s not much of a surprise that her new single, “Took Us A Break” finds the Queen B getting back to basics. The song is said to be featured on Lil Kim’s upcoming album. However, many pundits wondered if she still had those fiery bars after all these years.

“Took Us A Break” flaunts a trap style flow with a little auto tune. The music video matches the song’s guttural, street appeal. There are no fancy backdrops; it’s just Lil Kim in her brightest element. Her raps are definitely still intact as she weaves in and out of the catchy production with ease. Thankfully, she doesn’t openly address Nicki Minaj here (only subtly). The truth is there would likely be no Nicki Minaj if it weren’t for the groundbreaking antics and flows of Lil Kim.

You can also catch the Queen B herself on Remy Ma’s new single “Wake Me Up”. The song will be featured on Remy Ma’s forthcoming new LP. New music from Lil Kim is definitely exciting. She should have enough material to release a double album. Either way, her presence will definitely be welcome as one of the premier female MCs who consistently pushes the envelope in music and fashion.

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