Lauryn Hill: Still A Rebel


You know you have reached iconic status when the world still adores your first solo studio project, released almost 20 years ago. People still talk about how The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill changed the face of music .  Since then, Lauryn Hill has released an Unplugged album. She has released several mixtape derived works. She has dropped some surprise singles. Ms. Lauryn Hill even paid a beautiful tribute to Nina Simone on a stirring tribute album for her. Now, she is giving us yet another glimpse into her musical genius. Her latest song, “Rebel/I Find It Hard To Say” may evoke feelings of deja vu.

The song was actually featured on her 2002 MTV Unplugged 2.0 release. She originally meant for the song to be a tribute to Amadou Diallo, a victim of police brutality. She decided to rework the song in the wake of today’s current social and racial climate. Lauryn Hill always remains relevant and conscious. She re-introduced the song by tweeting, “Old tune, new Version, same context, even more relevant now. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Lauryn Hill also performed at the Tidal X 2015. She hasn’t released a studio album in nearly two decades, but her artistry still reigns supreme.

What are your thoughts on “Rebel/I Find It Hard To Say”? Would you Bump It or Dump It? This is the original version of the song. The latest version can be heard exclusively through Tidal.

Let’s hope this means we have a new Lauryn Hill studio album soon! Music is missing her dearly.

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